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Take the Work Out of Gardening

TM Garden Design goes beyond landscaping; we begin projects with new clients by having a garden consultation. The consultation is scheduled to gather information, observe existing garden or landscape design, and discuss your needs and aspirations – it usually requires two hours. Wrapping up a consultation will provide a written assessment with suggestions to enhance current garden layout and detailed recommendations for horticultural and landscape improvements.

Our project management includes a strong, full design. The initial visit will allow us to gather information to prep the landscaping design brief. We can then conduct site analysis and survey the area. Our project management includes the planting plan and landscape lighting plan which are priced separately.

Planting design is developed for style and seasons of interest needed. We take into consideration the pros and cons of any current plantings then create a full planting plan and plant details consisting of sizes, quantities, and locations in the garden or landscape.

We’ll do all the project management for you by providing a shortlist of landscape contractors then brief them to obtain quotes. After selecting a contractor, we’ll monitor key stages to ensure quality of work.

No matter the variation in needs or budget, our fee structure is manageable. The consultancy rate is $50.00 per hour ($50.00 minimum). The landscape design work is also $50.00 per hour and includes site survey and all drawings and specifications. A 30% fee is due upon acceptance of the design project; 40% fee is due upon approval of the concept design. The remainder of the fee is due upon presentation of the final plans.

Let us lift the weight off your shoulders of planning a new design for your garden or landscape. The process shouldn’t be frustrating and monotonous. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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3 Interesting Features for Winter Gardens

Long, dark Ohio winters often leave homeowners resigned to the fact that their yard’s landscaping will be bare until after the groundhog makes his appearance. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are great winter landscaping options that will keep your yard looking the best on the block all winter.

Statuettes are a great way to accent your lawn during the colder months. They require zero maintenance and like the décor on the inside of your home, they showcase your family’s personality on the outside of the house.

Surprisingly, water features can look equally amazing covered in snow as they do during the summer months. Features with waterfalls or varying heights/levels accent the beauty of the snow that covers them by adding dimension to the fluffy white powder.

Mountain laurel and Holly are hardy evergreen shrubs that will look stunning year-round. Mountain laurel thrives in temperatures as cold as -20°F. American Holly trees feature red berries throughout the winter, adding color to winter landscape. Plant Holly in an area with some protection from wind and they will hold up great!

Contact TM Design today to discuss these fantastic winter landscaping options and how you can add depth to your lawn next winter!

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Start Brainstorming Now for Spring

As you read this, you might be curled up by the fire enjoying a cup of hot cocoa while snow falls on the ground. Spring likely seems very far away at this time of year, but before you know it, it’ll be time to start planting your garden again! As you know, a great garden takes much time and planning. Those beautiful blooms don’t just appear by magic, so you’ll want to make sure that you start thinking of what you want your garden to look like this spring.

By this time of year, you’ve probably planted your spring bulbs. Tulips, irises, crocuses, and other such bulbs are planted between September and late November. Many other garden plants have to wait until early spring to be planted, but it’s not too early to start selecting your choices now. After the ground thaws, it’s the perfect time to deposit some seeds into the ground that will grow in a few weeks or months.

You can take advantage of many holiday sales to select items for your garden. Ornaments and other decorative products may go on sale around the holidays or shortly after, saving you some money and adding to the beauty of your garden.

The cold months are the perfect time to head to your garden shed and start looking at seeds that you’ve collected. Many gardeners keep notes of their previous gardens, so it’s useful to look over these to see what worked and what didn’t. Damp, diseased, or damaged seeds should be thrown away so you can make a list of what seeds you’ll need to purchase. Be sure to include edible plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables you may want to plant. Take a stroll around your property to get a visual of what you want to happen in your garden.

As you collect gardening ideas this winter, don’t forget to contact TM Design for assistance with creating a beautiful landscape!

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Gardening Gifts

Finding a gift for someone with a green thumb can be a daunting task. At times, you may feel that you don’t know enough about gardening to find a satisfactory gift. Gardening gifts can be a great way to encourage someone to start gardening or a way to encourage those you know who already have an established landscape. Read on for some ideas on gifting to those gardeners in your life, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a gift for yourself as well!

One of the best ideas for the gardener in your life is to get them accessories for their landscape. Many websites and gardening stores carry stylish birdhouses, planters, and bird feeders to complement any garden or home. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even purchase a crate or pot from a thrift store and re-purpose it to make the perfect planter. Most gardeners are always looking to expand their knowledge and their garden, so a book on the subject of gardening is always a smart choice.

If you’re feeling more adventurous or have a knack for gardening yourself, you can purchase a set of bulbs from many retailers. Bulbs are usually planted in late autumn before the first hard frost, and bloom in the spring. Tulips, crocuses, and amaryllis are just a few of the many bulb varieties you can choose from. Some locations even create a gift set for your bulbs so they come in a stylish basket or crate. Many bulbs even return annually, so it’s a gift that can last for years with proper care.

Shopping for a gardener may seem daunting at first, but it’s really an enjoyable task to find the perfect gift that you know will bring joy to the recipient. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a gardening gift will liven up the landscape of that special someone in your life.

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Easy Houseplants for a Green Winter

Many people think of winter as the time when the landscape is barren and brown. But there are many evergreen plants that thrive during the winter, and you can add some of these to your house! Adding houseplants can keep your spirits up during the cold weather, enhance your décor, and even be used as holiday decorations. Here are five plants that will brighten up your home this winter.

  1. Norfolk Island pine. This plant is a traditional looking pine that adds beauty to your home during the cold winter months. It makes a great plant to decorate with for the holidays, and its large size makes it perfect for adding greenery to a larger room. Just make sure you give it plenty of light.
  2. Grape Ivy. This vine is perfect for adding to hanging baskets in your home. As a hanging basket, grape ivy adds greenery to even the highest points of your home. If you prefer, you can even add a trellis or stake instead of hanging baskets.
  3. Fiddleleaf Fig. This is a tree with a violin-shape and dark green leaves. You can control the shape by trimming it. It’s a low maintenance plant with few lighting needs. Because of its unique shape, it adds character and color to any room.
  4. Dieffenbachia. This plant is perfect to add a bit of summer to any room during the winter. Its green and white colors give it a tropical look that’s perfect for patios during the summer or indoors during the winter.
  5. Snake Plant. If you struggle with your green thumb, then the snake plant is perfect for you. It’s an extremely hardy plant with very few maintenance needs. To top it off, this plant’s long leaves add class to any space.

Now you can bring the outdoors in with these easy to care for houseplants that will add color and vibrancy to your home!

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Plant Spring Bulbs Now

Everyone loves the time of year when spring begins and tulips, irises, crocuses, hyacinths, and daffodils begin to spread across the landscape. But in order for these beautiful flowers to bloom, they need to be planted in late fall. A “bulb” is a horticultural term for plants that are stored underground in the fall until it’s time for them to bloom in spring. Bulbs should be planted before the first frost, sometime between September and late November for a perfect spring bloom. If you’re new to planting bulbs or just need a yearly refresher, here are some tips for a colorful spring garden.

Plan your garden design before you plant so that you have a successful bloom. Bulbs need to be placed in soil about three times deeper than their height. For example, if you have bulbs that are 1.5 inches in diameter, then you will want to plant them about 4.5 inches deep. You will also want to plan out the spacing of bulbs so that they are bunched together to create a beautiful bloom. Smaller bulbs such as crocuses should be placed 3 to 4 inches apart, while tulips and hyacinths should be planted approximately 6 inches apart. Daffodils should be placed about 8 to 12 inches apart. Place a variety of bulbs in your garden so that they will bloom at different times and extend the beauty of spring.

Pick out large, healthy bulbs. Choosing bulbs is similar to choosing fruit. You’ll want to squeeze the bulbs to make sure that they’re firm and healthy. Larger bulbs are more expensive, but they’re also the largest and most colorful, so it’s best to get the largest bulbs you can afford.

Depending on the species of bulb that you plant, you may need to fertilize the soil after planting. If fertilized properly, perennial bulbs will come back to your garden year after year. Make sure that you plant bulbs with the pointy end facing up in order to help them bloom properly.

With a small amount of planning and preparation in the fall, you will have a gorgeous and vibrant garden for spring!  TM Garden Design can assist you in your garden & landscaping design needs!

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Stay off Frosty Lawns

When you have lawn work to do, it’s easy to want to get up as early as possible to start it. Cooler mornings may seem like the perfect time to get in some gardening, but did you know that stepping on a frosty lawn could cause severe damage?

What is frost? In climates such as Columbus, Ohio’s, it’s not uncommon for the ground to produce dew that freezes on objects such as grass and plants. This frozen dew, called frost, causes the grass and plants to become hard.

Why is frost damaging to plants? Although the exact reason is not known, frost is most likely damaging to plants because the water inside the plant is frozen and the plant tissue is brittle. Another reason may be that the frozen water punctures the plant structures, causing serious damage. Whatever the reason, stepping on frosty grass causes injury to your lawn.

What kind of damage occurs? Damage to frosty plants will not be noticeable until 12-48 hours after the accident has occurred. Your lawn might look bruised and have a purple or black hue. The grass may turn brown and die. Injured grass is more susceptible to disease and weeds.

How can I prevent damage? To prevent injury to your Columbus, Ohio lawn, wait until the frost has thawed to step on your grass or begin yard work.  Make sure that children and pets stay off the lawn and post signs for delivery persons so they know to watch their footing. Many sporting teams, such as soccer, will post a game delay if there is frost on the ground to protect the integrity of their playing field. In addition, most golf courses do not allow games to start until the frost has thawed. Some golf courses turn on the sprinklers to aid in the thawing process, especially in shaded areas.

Have patience with your lawn in the mornings and do your best to prevent frosty lawn damage. Contact TM Garden Design for help with designing and maintaining your landscape!

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5 Landscape Architecture Ideas that will add Character to your Home

A few simple landscape architecture additions can dramatically change the appearance of your home. At TM Design, I love creating beautiful spaces where families can spend time together and entertain guests. In order to help you gain inspiration for your next home improvement project, I’ve put together 5 landscape architecture ideas that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

1. Build a fire pit, the perfect place to socialize

There is nothing more relaxing and rewarding than socializing around a fire in your own backyard. Fire pits bring friends and family together and they add special character to your home. Beautiful stone pits are simple to design and build, they remain intact for decades with little upkeep, and they are usable during every season.

2. Outdoor lighting: beautiful and functional

Outdoor lighting can spruce up any space. You can add accent lighting to the entrances of your home, string lights around your deck or patio, or install in-ground lights that illuminate walkways. Outdoor lighting can showcase your property’s strong points and additional light also acts as a deterrent to criminals.

3. Set your property apart with a custom water feature

Nothing in nature or on residential property is more beautiful than a calm stream or pond. Water features can be designed to fit any sized property. I suggest integrating beautiful stonework, fountains, plants, and outdoor seating to make your pond one-of-a-kind. Once it’s completed you can even add a few of your favorite fish!

4. Add a deck or patio to your home and enjoy the great outdoors

Patios and decks provide an endless list of benefits. In addition to being beautiful outdoor living spaces, they add significant value to your home when professionally designed and built. Just open your door to a perfect place for hosting family and friends, dining outdoors, or simply sitting back and working on your tan.

5. Find Zen in your very own garden

Gardening is a wonderful hobby; you’ll save money by growing your own fruits and vegetables, beautify your property with new plant life, and gain a sense of satisfaction from working the land.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to start planning your next home project. The landscape architect at TM Design can help you bring your vision to life and make sure that you never bite off more than you can chew. Call me today at 614-738-4495.

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Stone – The Perfect Material for Any Project

At TM Design, I work with hundreds of tools and building materials on a daily basis. One of my favorite things to work with is stone. It’s versatile, virtually indestructible, incredibly easy to work with, and beautiful. Stone is perfect for outdoor fireplaces, walkways, seating, and fencing. Stone has been used as a primary construction material since ancient times and remains a favorite among modern landscape architects and builders.

Accenting your backyard with stone landscape architect features can create a truly unique space. However, there are some general tips and best practices that you always need to keep in mind when working with stone.

Plan Ahead! Simple planning before a project can save you tons of time and money. Calculate how much stone you’ll need that way you don’t over purchase or buy too little and force yourself to make multiple trips to the home improvement store.

Lift with your legs! This may sound comical but the simple truth is that stone is heavy! Hundreds of people throw out their backs each year trying to lift more than they are able to. Always use a ramp, dolly, cart, or a buddy whenever moving large stone pieces. Don’t be a hero, you’ll thank yourself later.

When building stone fences, decks, and patios, use guides to keep your structure level. Use wooden braces and guides throughout the process to ensure your work is perfect.

Cut, don’t break. Don’t cut corners when splitting stone. Use a straight edge to draw your cut line then place the stone on a soft surface and chisel carefully. Take your time and do it right. With thicker stone you may have to cut on both sides.

I’m TM Design’s professional landscape architecture expert. Let me help you design and build your next stone project. I work with residents and businesses in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Give me a call today at 614-738-4495.

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Deer-resistant Plants

When landscaping your yard or planting a garden, you have many factors to consider such as soil type, weather conditions, and amount of sunlight. These factors all contribute to which types of plants you will choose to use in your yard. There is another factor to consider that is often overlooked, and it’s the presence of deer in your area. Deer are well-known antagonists to your garden. When deer notice a new garden in their area, they think that you set up a buffet line just for them. They will sample many of your plants and leave your garden a disaster.  So, when choosing plants, it is important to choose ones that will be less enticing to deer. We have compiled this list of trees, shrubs, and other plants that you can grow in Columbus, Ohio and that are not as appealing to deer.

  • Bottlebrush Buckeye. This attractive shrub produces white flowers in the summer.
  • Green Mountain Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is great for Ohio’s tough winters.
  • Kousa (or Chinese) Dogwood is a beautiful deciduous tree that often grows up to 30 feet high and produces white flowers.
  • Winter King Hawthorn is another small tree that produces vibrant fall foliage. Its thorns make it a great choice for a hedge or screen.
  • American Winterberry is a species of holly with bright red berries.
  • Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle is a vine that produces red-orange tubular shaped flowers.
  • Susan Magnolia is an upright shrub or small tree that has colorful purple-red flowers.
  • Common Lilac. This popular shrub grows light purple, fragrant, cone-shaped flowers in May.
  • Rugosa Rose grows flowers that vary in color from white to pink to red. Roses are a garden staple, and this deer-resistant variety is a good choice.

Do not let deer ruin your beautiful landscape. Plan ahead and select plant varieties that are less appealing to deer. Contact TM Garden to find out more about how we can help you design and plant your garden escape!

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