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3 Interesting Features for Winter Gardens

Long, dark Ohio winters often leave homeowners resigned to the fact that their yard’s landscaping will be bare until after the groundhog makes his appearance. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are great winter landscaping options that will keep your yard looking the best on the block all winter.

Statuettes are a great way to accent your lawn during the colder months. They require zero maintenance and like the décor on the inside of your home, they showcase your family’s personality on the outside of the house.

Surprisingly, water features can look equally amazing covered in snow as they do during the summer months. Features with waterfalls or varying heights/levels accent the beauty of the snow that covers them by adding dimension to the fluffy white powder.

Mountain laurel and Holly are hardy evergreen shrubs that will look stunning year-round. Mountain laurel thrives in temperatures as cold as -20°F. American Holly trees feature red berries throughout the winter, adding color to winter landscape. Plant Holly in an area with some protection from wind and they will hold up great!

Contact TM Design today to discuss these fantastic winter landscaping options and how you can add depth to your lawn next winter!

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