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Deer-resistant Plants

When landscaping your yard or planting a garden, you have many factors to consider such as soil type, weather conditions, and amount of sunlight. These factors all contribute to which types of plants you will choose to use in your yard. There is another factor to consider that is often overlooked, and it’s the presence of deer in your area. Deer are well-known antagonists to your garden. When deer notice a new garden in their area, they think that you set up a buffet line just for them. They will sample many of your plants and leave your garden a disaster.  So, when choosing plants, it is important to choose ones that will be less enticing to deer. We have compiled this list of trees, shrubs, and other plants that you can grow in Columbus, Ohio and that are not as appealing to deer.

  • Bottlebrush Buckeye. This attractive shrub produces white flowers in the summer.
  • Green Mountain Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is great for Ohio’s tough winters.
  • Kousa (or Chinese) Dogwood is a beautiful deciduous tree that often grows up to 30 feet high and produces white flowers.
  • Winter King Hawthorn is another small tree that produces vibrant fall foliage. Its thorns make it a great choice for a hedge or screen.
  • American Winterberry is a species of holly with bright red berries.
  • Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle is a vine that produces red-orange tubular shaped flowers.
  • Susan Magnolia is an upright shrub or small tree that has colorful purple-red flowers.
  • Common Lilac. This popular shrub grows light purple, fragrant, cone-shaped flowers in May.
  • Rugosa Rose grows flowers that vary in color from white to pink to red. Roses are a garden staple, and this deer-resistant variety is a good choice.

Do not let deer ruin your beautiful landscape. Plan ahead and select plant varieties that are less appealing to deer. Contact TM Garden to find out more about how we can help you design and plant your garden escape!

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