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Stone – The Perfect Material for Any Project

At TM Design, I work with hundreds of tools and building materials on a daily basis. One of my favorite things to work with is stone. It’s versatile, virtually indestructible, incredibly easy to work with, and beautiful. Stone is perfect for outdoor fireplaces, walkways, seating, and fencing. Stone has been used as a primary construction material since ancient times and remains a favorite among modern landscape architects and builders.

Accenting your backyard with stone landscape architect features can create a truly unique space. However, there are some general tips and best practices that you always need to keep in mind when working with stone.

Plan Ahead! Simple planning before a project can save you tons of time and money. Calculate how much stone you’ll need that way you don’t over purchase or buy too little and force yourself to make multiple trips to the home improvement store.

Lift with your legs! This may sound comical but the simple truth is that stone is heavy! Hundreds of people throw out their backs each year trying to lift more than they are able to. Always use a ramp, dolly, cart, or a buddy whenever moving large stone pieces. Don’t be a hero, you’ll thank yourself later.

When building stone fences, decks, and patios, use guides to keep your structure level. Use wooden braces and guides throughout the process to ensure your work is perfect.

Cut, don’t break. Don’t cut corners when splitting stone. Use a straight edge to draw your cut line then place the stone on a soft surface and chisel carefully. Take your time and do it right. With thicker stone you may have to cut on both sides.

I’m TM Design’s professional landscape architecture expert. Let me help you design and build your next stone project. I work with residents and businesses in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Give me a call today at 614-738-4495.

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