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TM Garden Design goes beyond landscaping; we begin projects with new clients by having a garden consultation. The consultation is scheduled to gather information, observe existing garden or landscape design, and discuss your needs and aspirations – it usually requires two hours. Wrapping up a consultation will provide a written assessment with suggestions to enhance current garden layout and detailed recommendations for horticultural and landscape improvements.

Our project management includes a strong, full design. The initial visit will allow us to gather information to prep the landscaping design brief. We can then conduct site analysis and survey the area. Our project management includes the planting plan and landscape lighting plan which are priced separately.

Planting design is developed for style and seasons of interest needed. We take into consideration the pros and cons of any current plantings then create a full planting plan and plant details consisting of sizes, quantities, and locations in the garden or landscape.

We’ll do all the project management for you by providing a shortlist of landscape contractors then brief them to obtain quotes. After selecting a contractor, we’ll monitor key stages to ensure quality of work.

No matter the variation in needs or budget, our fee structure is manageable. The consultancy rate is $50.00 per hour ($50.00 minimum). The landscape design work is also $50.00 per hour and includes site survey and all drawings and specifications. A 30% fee is due upon acceptance of the design project; 40% fee is due upon approval of the concept design. The remainder of the fee is due upon presentation of the final plans.

Let us lift the weight off your shoulders of planning a new design for your garden or landscape. The process shouldn’t be frustrating and monotonous. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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