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Landscape architecture is a technique used by landscapers across the world to give public and private properties a unique look and supreme functionality.  TM Garden Design helps give lawns in Columbus, Ohio the incredible look that landscape architecture can provide. 

What is landscape architecture?

Very simply, landscape architecture is the designing and creating of outdoor spaces.  Because it is a relatively broad term, it can refer to many different types of very specific landscaping.

Landscape architecture has many different applications across many different fields.  It can range from the layout and design of a public space like a city park or it could have private applications for a homeowner.  Because it typically deals with both “hard” (built) and “soft” (planted) features, landscape architecture is used to transform mundane outdoor spaces into functional pieces of natural art.

Not unlike traditional architecture, landscape architecture often incorporates manmade structures to act as art or to serve a purpose or, sometimes even, do both.  A good, well-trained landscape architect will be able to seamlessly merge form and function to create an outdoor space that is as practical as it is breathtaking. 

What is used in landscape architecture?

The different kinds of materials used in landscape architecture is limited only by the imagination of the architect.

A creative and innovative landscape architect will, of course, incorporate all the traditional materials found in landscape architecture.  There will be a myriad of tastefully chosen trees, bushes, and flowers to accompany the well-maintained lawn.  However, when a landscape architect begins to really become inventive with their work, they will start to use more interesting materials.

A typical lawn is fine but by simply adding a water feature with expertly designed landscape architecture, that lawn can quickly become a thing of beauty.  Add to that, a bridge, perhaps a pergola and you are left with an amazing and unique piece of land that will be envied by anyone who sees it.

If you are interested in improving the landscape of your home or business in Columbus, Ohio, give TM Garden Design a call today.  With years of experience designing and creating some of the most beautiful lawns and gardens in Central Ohio, TM Garden Design is the premier source for outdoor design in Columbus.