By TM Design

Your home should be a place that you are proud of where you and your family can feel comfortable. A new outdoor patio, garden, deck or outdoor entertainment space can add character and value to any home. TM Design specializes in residential landscape design in Columbus, Ohio. Our designers work with you to create your dream outdoor escape. We work with you at every step of the process to ensure that your dream space becomes a reality and stays within your budget.

We’ve built beautiful outdoor oases for many residents in Columbus and what we can do is limited only by your imagination. Imagine spending time with your family outdoors surrounded by vibrant plants and amazing outdoor architecture. Imagine entertaining friends in a custom built outdoor dining space that allows you to cook and prepare meals while being surrounded by nature. Our promise at RM Design is to bring your vision to life through residential landscape design in Columbus, Ohio.

Our team is both creative and savvy. We understand that it is very easy to quickly blow through a budget if no concrete plan is set from the beginning. That’s why we define a detailed process for your design that starts with an initial meeting and ends with detailed construction drawings being presented before construction begins. It is attention to detail combined with business sense that has helped RM Design become the leader in residential landscape design in Columbus, Ohio.

Meet our team and start building your dream today!