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Landscaping Design services

TM Garden Design offers several levels of service because people and their gardens have different needs and budgets.

garden consultancy


Initial visit to gather information, observe existing garden/landscape design, and discuss your needs and aspirations. Usually requires 2 hrs.

- Provide written assessment with suggestions to enhance current garden layout.

- Provide detailed recomendations for horticultural and landscape improvements.


- Initial visit to gather information to prepare the Landscaping Design Brief.

- Conduct site analysis and survey.

- Prepare concept and final design plans.

- Planting Plan (priced separately).

- Landscape Lighting Plan (priced separately).


- Develop Planting Design Brief for style and seasons of interest needed.

-Take into consideration pros and cons of any current plantings.


Full planting plan and plant details consisting of sizes, quanities, and
locations in the garden/landscape.

- Sourcing of plants and installation (optional).


- Provide a shortlist of Landscape Contractors.

- Brief contractors to obtain quotes.

- Select a contractor(s).

- Monitor key stages to ensure quality of work.


- Consultancy (Rate $50.00 per hour $50.00 minimum).

- Landscape Design Work (Rate $50.00 per hour).

. Includes site survey, all drawings and specifications.

. 30% fee due upon acceptance of the Design Project.

. 40% fee due upon approval of the Concept Design.

. Remainder of fee due upon presentation of Final Plans.

- Project Management

. Client is charged for actual time I work at rate of $50.00 per hour.